Functional Whippet Coats

Occam whippet coats are handmade with a focus on simplicity and functionality. Our coats are well considered and engineered especially for Whippets with a selection of waterproof coats, jumpers and onesies. Every product is designed, cut and sewn by hand in our studio.

Whippet Coats

Italian Greyhound Clothing

Occam Italian Greyhound clothing is specifically engineered to fit your Iggies petite frame, our products are meticulously considered to allow freedom of movement and offer the best possible fit whilst protecting your Iggy from the cold and wet weather. We’ve spent time working on each design with the help of the Sighthound community in London - talking functionality, design and fit. The fabrics and materials we use are researched extensively before use resulting in resilient and timeless garments that live beyond season.

Italian Greyhound Clothing

Purposeful design, consideration of quality, comfortable, without faulting on style.

Everything at Occam is made in small batches in our London studio by a highly skilled team. Materials are researched extensively before use resulting in resilient and timeless garments that live beyond season.

We make our products in small batches

If you see something you like and it's currently unavailable please sign up below to receive information on batch releases. We do tend to sell out quickly so it's advised that you take your dog's measurements in advance of ordering.

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A multi functional and practical whippet onesie skilfully designed for all activities

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Need help with sizing?

Whippets and Italian Greyhounds have a distinctive form - here's how to measure them for a coat.

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The Judd Onesie - even after washing it at least 4 times The Judd is still in perfect condition! such an amazing product.


The Søren waterproof onesie in particular is a work of genius! As any Whippet owner will know, these dogs aren't rain lovers YET when my whippet wears the waterproof she is more than happy to go on walks - even if it is pouring down!

Elisa MacDougall@lollythewhippet

Occam makes the best fitting iggy clothing for Tommy

Alice Hall@tommytheiggy