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Yora "A sustainable dog food that doesn't cost the earth"

Yora is a sustainable dog food made from Larvae, I spoke with co-founder and pet nutrition expert Will. He’s extremely passionate about animal welfare, sustainability and his brand's global footprint. Will, along with co founder Tom, started on their journey 7 years ago and their combined knowledge and creative background inspired Yora. Tom who came up with the initial idea has worked as a designer and product developer within the pet industry for over 20 years "I've learned a lot about what makes a great pet food, and how much people care about their pets’ wellbeing". Their project was thoughtfully named YORA, "in honour of one...

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Behaviouralist advice from Sighthound Expert Becca Sommerville

Our features highlight brands we celebrate, artists we admire and knowledgeable people in different fields of expertise - covering a wide range of topics but the central theme is of course Sighthounds, especially Whippets! Occam focuses on engaging, current and thoughtful content to create a resource that connects us, strengthens our community and develops our knowledge collectively. I recently posted a poll on instagram to ask how your Whippets were coping with lockdown. I then put these queries to Rebecca Sommerville who is a behaviourist specialising in Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers and Rescues. Read on to learn more about Becca and her lockdown advice!     Becca adopted her...

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