Do Whippets really need coats?

December 2019

I might be biased because I make coats for Whippets and Italian Greyhounds but in my experience Sighthounds, especially Whippets and Italian Greyhounds really do feel the cold and its very necessary for them to have an extra layer. My whippet Seymour shivers when the temperature lowers, he also knows that when we put a coat or jumper on we’re going out together which excites him very much.

The Image below is Occam's muse Seymour at Dungeness Beach in May 2018. Generally in British summertime there is no need for you Whippet to wear a coat. Having said that, if you are out and about in the evening and the sun has gone in your Whippet could probably do with an extra layer. Whippets are creatures of comfort - Seymour absolutely loves being tucked in under a blanket anytime of year as he feels the cold very easily.Whippet coats What Seymour wears is dependant on the activity, in the image above he was zooming around on the sand early May and was very comfortably whilst he was moving but shortly after he came back to me wet and shivering. At this point I dried him off and put him in his Beuys coat pictured below.Whippet Coat

I pack a layer for Seymour whenever we leave the house because we often end up going for alfresco dinner and once the sun sets Seymour is chilly.
Below Lloyd and Seymour are in Central London in March. The sun was shining but it was very cold and brisk. Most outdoor activities in Central London at this time of year require a coat for your Whippet or Italian Greyhound.
Whippet Coats