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Sanitising Hand Mist

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Occam everyday essentials

A World Health Organisation approved sanitising mist made in the UK by Attirecare.

At Occam we carry a hand sanitiser without fail on any walk (many unfortunate events taught us well) but most recently it's become even more important to sanitise after touching any outdoor surface. This product is perfect size to carry on your adventures outdoors, the spray function is innovative as you can spray multiple hands with ease whilst the scent remains after application. An added plus - it doubles up as a hardware sanitiser for any lead. Perfect!

Attirecare's Sanitising Hand Mist is made in the UK with an organic formula and a blend of 72% alcohol. Kills 99.9% bacteria.


Isopropanol, Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Jasminum Officinale.


A floral finish of fresh jasmine^


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Along with the rise of mass-produced products in all sectors, came a lack of concern for care products. However, as we become more conscious of what we buy and how we live our lives, we hope people will use our products to look after their things once more.

Attirecare is a Manchester-based brand focused on Shoe, Garment, Home and lifestyle care products. We offer a wide range of handmade products to prolong the life of said things and promote less waste (all the while looking great on your shelf!).

We use organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals to create all of our formulas, ensuring they are environmentally friendly, ethically made, biodegradable and do exactly what they say on the label.

Our products are created with people in mind, to be an extension of a person’s lifestyle, and make somewhat mundane tasks that bit more enjoyable.